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Based out of Phoenix, Arizona, the company B2Gnow is leading the way in helping local, state and federal government agencies with public sector supplier diversity and procurement management software.

Author : Alex Bustillos, Contractor News

February 21, 2022


Based out of Phoenix, Arizona, the company B2Gnow is leading the way in helping local, state and federal government agencies with public sector supplier diversity and procurement management software.

Whether it be contract compliance (tracking small and diverse business utilization on public contracts), goal setting, bid posting and tracking, utilization planning, online vendor registration, certification management, or a number of other needs, the system that B2Gnow has set up is helping connect diverse and small businesses to the contracts they deserve.

Existing for two decades, the organization is excited about the recently passed Infrastructure Law, with a system in place that can assist the diverse and small business participation goals and prompt payment requirements that will be part of the new federal funding that will flow to state and local governments. “Over the past 20 years the B2Gnow system has helped over 400 agencies expand their diverse and small supplier communities and significantly increase their spend with these diverse suppliers,”  B2Gnow CEO Justin Talbot-Stern told Contractor News.

With over $2 trillion in monitored publicly funded contracts, B2Gnow is the leader in the industry.

B2Gnow’s cloud-based, modular software platform is utilized by hundreds of government, education and private sector organizations throughout the US, and addresses all aspects of supplier diversity, procurement, and grant management. Clients include the City of Houston, Miami-Dade County, the State of Tennessee, Arizona Department of Transportation, Chicago Public Schools and the University of Texas. For cities and counties, the company offers functionality for managing the various aspects of  vendor/supplier management and the diversity compliance spectrum. Additionally, the company aids states in the diversity certification process, tracking, and report programs. B2Gnow even offers services to private corporations such as Fortune 500 companies.

Whether it be transit authorities, airports, state departments of transportation, housing authorities, universities, school districts, sewer districts, water districts, port authorities, public utilities or certification agencies themselves, B2Gnow offers services to make sure government agencies are in full compliance with respective disadvantaged business enterprise programs. In addition to DBE, the software seamlessly manages many other common types of small and diverse business programs, such as: SBE, WBE, MBE, VBE, LGBTBE.

Even the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) utilizes B2Gnow’s services, in running its Matchmaker System.

As Talbot-Stern adds, “B2Gnow creates opportunities for diverse and small suppliers by using technology to assist public sector agencies in building and strengthening their supplier diversity programs. The system automates and streamlines all aspects of diversity programs with comprehensive tracking, auditing, and reporting,”

According to B2Gnow, their Diversity Management System has “thousands of configuration settings, allowing organizations to easily and quickly configure the B2Gnow solution to the specific requirements of the agency, industry, or program types.”

Due to their excellence in the field, B2Gnow boasts a client retention rate of 99 percent.

This May 9-12, B2Gnow will host its annual DRIVE training event at the Scottsdale Resort McCormick Ranch in Scottsdale, Arizona, paving the way for B2Gnow clients to optimize their use of the B2Gnow system and accelerate their diversity and compliance digital transformation journey

In addition, on May 9th,the company is hosting The Road Ahead: DRIVE 2022, a complimentary educational and networking event exclusively for supplier diversity and small business program professionals who are not B2Gnow system customers. The half-day, educational event promises to offer informative content, interactive sessions and invaluable networking opportunities with small business and supplier diversity experts on topics relevant in 2022 and beyond!

More information on B2Gnow’s services and the DRIVE 2022 event are available on the company’s website.


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