Powering Robust Grant
Management Programs
Complete grant management and spend tracking for public agencies

Powering Robust Grant Management Programs

B2Gnow’s recent acquisition of the BlackCat Grant Management Product Suite expands our offerings to include a full array of grant management solutions designed specifically for local and state governments and associated modes and departments. The BlackCat® suite of products fulfill a diverse range of individual organizations’ needs. These solutions are streamlined, affordable, web-based applications that assist in managing project data, financial information, and enhancing processes in a simplified system. Each application is built on the BlackCat Grant and Data Management Framework – a structure for managing the full grant management life-cycle and related data. Each modal application is specifically tailored to the individual modal workflow while the FLEX application is flexible enough to allow configuration and use by any grant management program.


Flexible and robust grant and data management system specifically designed for the state transportation industry. The application is a Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) core product, and can create, track and record any certifications or reporting needs for the granter and sub-recipients.


Standardize and streamline the aviation data collection and analysis workflow process, benefit from resource efficiencies, and provide state Departments of Transportation with the information to make more effective safety and funding decisions.


Standardize and streamline the highway-rail crossing data collection and analysis workflow process. Provide state Departments of Transportation with the information to make more effective safety decisions, benefit from resource efficiencies, meet federal crossing data collection standards and leverage the option of electronic submission of US DOT Crossing Inventory data to the FRA.


Ideal for smaller groups such as local agency/administered programs, bike/pedestrian, highway safety, landscaping, and other DOT programs, BlackCat Grants FLEX is a configurable grant management system that leverages the basic BlackCat Framework and allows for quick scalability if additional elements are needed.


Over 90 full-time staff are standing by to support you, many of whom had previous careers managing diversity programs like yours.


Industry leading technology and security supports world-class availability, reliability, and redundancy for zero data loss.


The most widely implemented diversity management system across both public sector agencies and corporations.