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B2Gnow offers powerful solutions for creating and growing world-class supplier diversity programs.  Need to grow your diverse supplier base?  B2Gnow offers a comprehensive supplier registration module that’s easy for suppliers to use and powerful enough to capture all the data you need.  Need to validate certification status?  B2Gnow can connect you to over 140 certification directories, many of which are maintained in real-time within the system.  Looking for data scrub and enrichment services?  Our proprietary supplier matching algorithm and access to the largest database of fully validated supplier certifications cannot be matched.  Need a robust Tier 2 tracking solution?  B2Gnow’s Tier 2 Module is powerful and highly configurable to match your tracking needs.

All of this functionality and a full range of impactful reports at your finger tips.


Corporate Supplier Diversity

Corporate Supplier Diversity: Programs & Initiatives To Grow Supplier Diversity


What is corporate supplier diversity?

Corporate supplier diversity refers to a business practice adopted by corporations to actively seek out and engage with suppliers owned or operated by individuals from underrepresented groups or small businesses. The goal of corporate supplier diversity is to foster economic inclusion and equal opportunities by providing small and diverse suppliers with access to corporate contracts and procurement opportunities.


What is a corporate supplier diversity program?

A corporate supplier diversity program is designed to encourage greater procurement opportunities to businesses owned by small and historically underrepresented and disadvantaged groups. The program aims to grow a wider pool of diverse suppliers contributing to economic development and social equity by creating jobs and business opportunities within underrepresented communities.


How do you build corporate supplier diversity?

Building corporate supplier diversity involves creating a program to implement strategies and practices that promote the inclusion of diverse suppliers in the procurement and supply chain processes of a company. Steps to building the program include setting goals, establishing and growing a diverse supplier database, creating plans for vendor outreach and education, developing a means by which to monitor, track and report on spending with small and diverse vendors, and building processes to continuously improve and enhance the program’s effectiveness. 


How do you set corporate supplier diversity goals?

A corporate supplier diversity program may set supplier diversity goals based on several factors, including leadership commitment, baseline assessment, and industry insights. A company typically establishes specific supplier diversity goals expressed as targets, such as a percentage of spend allocated to small and/or diverse suppliers, including categories such as minority-owned, women-owned, LGBTQ+-owned, veteran-owned, disabled-owned businesses or small businesses.


Why choose B2Gnow for your corporate supplier diversity program? 

B2Gnow is an enterprise-class, multi-module SaaS system used by more than 400 organizations, including some of the most successful and complex supplier diversity programs. A powerful, configurable platform designed for procurement, compliance, and detailed reporting makes B2Gnow the industry leader. It supports economic development programs for small and diverse businesses.

As the certification platform utilized and trusted by many of the country’s largest public and private certifiers, the system facilitates over 15,000 certifications per month. Source data, in real-time, ensures that B2Gnow provides the most accurate supplier diversity tracking and reporting in the industry.


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