Supplier Diversity Management Software for Certification Agencies/UCP

Streamline the application and certification process for both applicants and staff

Buried in paper documents trying to process applications?  Looking for an online solution to streamline the application process for vendors?  Need a consistent certification review process with detailed audit trail? Adding additional certification types and you don’t know where to begin?

B2Gnow has assisted some of the largest certification agencies in streamlining and automating the application and certification process.  The Online Application module will be configured to include all required and optional questions, as well as all supporting documents.  Applicants can electronically sign and submit their entire application online.  Your certification staff can then use the Certification Management module to receive the application, and process the application to your agency’s specific review process.  The modules support any type of certification program (DBE, MBE, WBE, VBE, SDVBE, SBE, LGBT, HUB, etc.) and any type of application – New, Renewal, No Change Affidavit, Expansion, etc.

B2Gnow also has unique solutions for Unified Certification Programs (UCP’s) that can help member certifying agencies streamline the certification process while guaranteeing consistency.

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