Supplier Diversity Software for Healthcare Contract Compliance

Hospitals and Healthcare systems require unique diversity management solutions

Hospital and Healthcare Contract Compliance

Construction projects are easily tracked using B2Gnow’s powerful Contract Compliance module.  This module can easily track your largest construction projects with any number of subcontractors allowing lower tier tracking to ten tiers deep.  If workforce and labor compliance tracking on construction projects is required we offer comprehensive modules for both.

In addition to construction and capital expenditures, health systems have significant spend with diverse suppliers across both contracts and purchase orders.  B2Gnow’s Spend Analysis module allows agencies to identify and report diverse spend across these expenditures.  Our comprehensive Tier 2 Tracking module is also available for clients who need this additional tracking and reporting flexibility.  Looking for data scrub and enrichment services?  Our proprietary supplier matching algorithm and access to the largest database of fully validated supplier certifications cannot be matched.

With all of these options, B2Gnow can tailor a solution to meet your needs.

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The Healthcare sector also faces unique challenges in finding qualified diverse suppliers.  B2Gnow offers a comprehensive supplier registration module that’s easy for suppliers to use and powerful enough to capture all the data you need.  Need to validate certification status?  B2Gnow can connect you to over 140 certification directories, many of which are maintained in real-time within the system.   Search these extensive databases and use the Outreach and Event Management module to notify diverse firms of upcoming bid opportunities.

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