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Diversity Management Software with HUD Section 3 Compliance

B2Gnow can help Housing Authorities of all sizes comply with all aspects of HUD Section 3 tracking and reporting; new hires, Section 3 Business Concerns, and other economic opportunities.  Our Contracts module will assist with tracking dollars awarded and expended to Section 3 Business Concerns, along with the tracking of other economic opportunities on a contract by contract basis.  Through Certification and Online Application, or Online Vendor Registration, your vendor community can self-identify as a Section 3 Business Concern.  Online public directories will also help support networking and allow for transparency.  The Hire Module allows you to track and report on all aspects of Section 3 resident hiring.  While tracking hiring plans, you’ll be able to post open positions and provide Section 3 residents with a platform for building a profile, applying for jobs, and tracking the status of those applications.  For Contractors, the Hire module streamlines the recruiting process for their designated Section 3 positions, for each contract.  Staff users will be able to easily monitor jobs, specifically set aside for Section 3 residents, and oversee the entire hiring process.  Through B2Gnow, your agency can easily generate all required HUD reports including 4710, 2516, and Parts II and III of the 60002.  The entire 60002 will be coming soon!

In addition to HUD reporting, the system can simultaneously track and report on other local diversity programs that are applicable to your agency.

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