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The B2Gnow system can help you comply simultaneously with both Federal (DBE) and local (M/WBE, etc.) programs.  B2Gnow guarantees compliance with all aspects of 49 CFR Part 26.  In addition, the system can be easily configured for any number of local diversity programs – MBE, WBE, SBE, VBE, SDVBE, LGBT, Local, HUB, Edge, BEP, and more.

B2Gnow can support all aspects of your DBE and relevant local programs starting with online application and certification processing.  Looking for software to calculate legally defensible contract-specific goal setting?  Need to upgrade how you collect utilization plans and track bidders?   Need to accurately track DBE and M/WBE participation on construction contracts down ten tiers of subcontracting?  Need to track prevailing wage and labor compliance? Want to generate and print the semi-annual report in a matter of minutes?

B2Gnow is implemented at more transit agencies than any other solution.

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