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B2Gnow offers powerful solutions for assisting your utility in creating and growing a world-class supplier diversity program.  B2Gnow has a history of providing unique solutions in the public industry for many years.  We offer a comprehensive supplier registration module that’s easy for suppliers to use and powerful enough to capture all your data needs.

B2Gnow can streamline the certification validation process by connecting you to over 140 certification directories, many of which are maintained in real-time within the system.  The Outreach and Event Management module allows you to easily invite suppliers to networking events and make them aware of upcoming opportunities.

Looking for data scrub and enrichment services?  Our proprietary supplier matching algorithm and access to the largest database of fully validated supplier certifications cannot be matched.  B2Gnow’s powerful Tier 2 Tracking Module is easily configurable to match your tracking needs. B2Gnow is very familiar with the unique reporting needs of public utility commissions.

We can assist in automating the reporting process to make regulatory reporting a breeze.  We even offer powerful economic impact reporting through our partnership with IMPLAN.

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