Flexible and High Performance Supplier Diversity Technology

B2Gnow is provided as a hosted system, but it is highly flexible and configurable. Every client’s program is different, but our system will typically meet all of these differences through standard configuration options.  The B2Gnow system provides a comprehensive modular solution that allows our clients to implement and pay for only the functionality needed.  The system is built on industry leading technology with a focus on data security, reliability and high availability. No data has ever been lost or compromised in our history.

Comprehensive & Configurable

B2Gnow is the most comprehensive supplier diversity system available, and our modular design allows you to implement functions as needed. This is YOUR system, which is mapped completely to your workflow. The system adapts to meet the most basic to complex department needs.

Cost Effective

B2Gnow’s 100% web-based hosted solution is typically a fraction of the cost of a traditional installed software solution. Get software updates, reach technical support, and deploy additional functions without accruing maintenance and hardware costs. You always have our best, most up-to-date system at a competitive price.


Collaborative architecture allows an organization and its departments to minimize cost while providing a one-stop solution for the vendor/supplier community. Vendors who already have a login to B2Gnow will not need to remember a new password or learn a new system. The collaborative nature of our system supports connectivity to multiple certified directories and sharing of data across organizations as needed.


B2Gnow can easily exchange vendor, contract, and payment data with external systems. Save time and headache by eliminating data entry and spreadsheet use. Integration makes immediate action and real time tracking possible. B2Gnow offers a standard data integration methodology to facilitate this process.

Established Implementation Program

We have developed a robust implementation plan to ensure on-time, on-budget systems that meet and exceed customer requirements. Our team has successfully implemented its system for over 230 clients. This experience has allowed us to develop and refine a comprehensive implementation approach that guarantees project success and client satisfaction. Our proven implementation methodology, while structured in approach, offers flexibility to be tailored to your unique requirements. The hurdles you face in your program are not new to our team. We have extensive experience configuring and implementing our software at diversity programs of all types and sizes.