Process Automation

Smart automation frees up staff time to focus on program management.

B2Gnow helps you get more done with automated communication and process tools. Support your suppliers, effectively monitor their activities, and easily pull important data for strategic analysis. With B2Gnow you can streamline your day-to-day tasks so that nothing falls through the cracks and you’ve got the time to grow a stronger program. Even better, the system can exchange data with existing financial, ERP, procurement, and other third party systems to further reduce data entry. The result is a substantial reduction of cost and effort for program staff and vendors/suppliers.

Where are your time wasters?

It’s a common problem. You’re in the field of diversity to make a difference, but somehow you’re stuck doing mostly clerical work and data entry. B2Gnow gives back minutes and hours that can be spent on program growth and community impact.

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