Texas DIR Cooperative Contracts Solutions

B2Gnow is a proud participant in the Texas Department of Information Resources’ Cooperative Contracts Program. This program offers a streamlined purchasing process for local government organizations in the state of Texas. To determine your organization’s eligibility for discounts on the leading diversity management software, please visit the Texas DIR Cooperative Contracts Program website

B2Gnow offers the most comprehensive and widely implemented diversity management system in the public sector. For detailed product descriptions and specifications, please review the B2Gnow Datasheets. For instructions on obtaining quotes and placing purchase orders, please contact: Frank Begalke, Chief Operating Officer feb@b2gnow.com Phone: 602-325-9277 Fax: 866-892-2913 Please reference B2Gnow’s Texas DIR Contract Number, DIR-TSO-4212, when requesting information for a quote or a purchase order. Please click here for reseller information. For more information on B2Gnow’s partnership with Texas DIR, please visit the contract details page.