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As the nation’s leading grant, procurement, and diversity management software provider, B2Gnow has been powering the creation of business opportunities and driving economic growth for over 20+ years.

B2Gnow’s cloud-based, cost-effective and modular software platform is utilized by hundreds of government, education and private sector organizations throughout the US, and addresses all aspects of supplier diversity, procurement, and grant management.

This includes managing the complex compliance and regulatory requirements of supplier diversity programs, facilitating meaningful increases in spending with disadvantaged firms, increasing visibility and optimizing the procurement process, and efficiently providing data management solutions for granting and pass-through government transportation agencies.

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Over 100 full-time staff are standing by to support you, many of whom had previous careers managing diversity programs like yours.


Industry leading technology and security supports world-class availability, reliability, and redundancy for zero data loss.


The most widely implemented diversity management system across both public sector agencies and corporations.

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Over 100 full-time staff are standing by to support you, all located in the United States. All of our staff are standing by to support you, from dedicated project managers to support, training, development and management resources. We are proud of our expertise in this industry, which is backed up by our attendance, presentations, and participation at all major industry conferences. We work every day side-by-side with our customers.