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B2Gnow’s turn-key, supplier diversity management software solution streamlines and automates data-gathering, tracking, reporting, vendor management, and administrative processes. The result is a significant reduction in staff time and cost – allowing you to focus on meeting your diversity goals, not on chasing paper. We can save your organization 60%-80% of time spent on administrative and clerical activities while enhancing your impact and reach.


Rapid and robust report creation, data sharing across modules and systems, seamless vendor registration and management, search access to the largest certified supplier database in the world, secure document management, valuable industry insight, and a qualified support team serving you and your vendors/suppliers.


Quickly and easily generate diversity spend reports on all non-contract expenditures such as credit cards and purchase orders. Payment data is merged with B2Gnow’s extensive recognized certification and registry data in a fraction of the time.


Dramatically reduce administrative data collection effort with automated tracking and verification of contract payments down to 10 subcontractor tiers. Support all types of programs and contracting styles, generate alerts, engage contractors in the reporting process, capture commercially useful function (CUF) reviews, and generate real-time reporting and business intelligence. Fully complies with U.S. DOT 49 CFR Part 26.


Capture lower tier spend with certified firms in a simple automated fashion and facilitate timely reporting of primary vendor/supplier payments to certified subcontractors on contracts and indirect supplier payments.


Benefit from consistent workflows for reviewing online and paper applications. Seamlessly support multiple certification types and processes; generate letters and communications with a single click and access the vast online searchable directory.


Over 90 full-time staff are standing by to support you, many of whom had previous careers managing diversity programs like yours.


Industry leading technology and security supports world-class availability, reliability, and redundancy for zero data loss.


The most widely implemented diversity management system across both public sector agencies and corporations.

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