The BlackCat Aviation Management System® is a flexible and robust hosted management system specifically designed and tailored for the state aviation industry. With implementations in several states, the system includes tested processes for facility data collection, 5010 inspections, pavement management system interfacing, system plan data storage, Capital Improvement Plan development and application collection, grant and project management, contract creation and invoicing, document management, contact management, aircraft data, equipment inventory, and operational data (statistics). The system dynamically creates the state’s airport directory for linking and web publication, automatically updating it with the current facility data in the system.

The BlackCat Aviation Management System® is designed to standardize and streamline the aviation data collection and analysis workflow process. Through those workflows our team identifies resource efficiencies, and provide state Departments of Transportation with the information to make more effective safety and funding decisions. Our knowledge and experience help to produce a variety of enhanced reporting, critical data mining as well as the ability to develop methods that simplify state and federal financial auditing. Our teams simplify this with tools that increase tracking, reporting, and the capability to efficiently provide or even upload information directly to federal auditing agency systems such SOAR. Our inclusive pricing model allows us to provide continuous superb customer support, unlimited user and sub-recipient training, and bring best practices and updates from other state systems at a set annual price allowing a fixed budget. 

​The system includes workflows or modules to handle the following elements or activities:
"They are knowledgeable and highly competent in all aspects of each project and our needs are always completely met."

-Florida Department of Transportation

Our BlackCat products utilizes a Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) core system that is highly configurable and allows us to provide a tailored system that efficiently addresses a wide variety of data collection and processing needs.​
All of our BlackCat systems increase the state’s efficiency by simplifying federal reporting requirements for every mode.

BlackCat streamlines the collection of critical safety data to allow for more accurate safety recommendations.

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