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Powerful supplier diversity, procurement, and grant management software for government, corporate, and general contractor organizations

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B2Gnow = Compliance.

No matter what type of business diversity program you manage, B2Gnow works for your organization. From states, state DOTs, cities, counties, transits, airports, school districts, higher education, general contractors, and corporations – the B2Gnow system seamlessly supports all types of programs and contracting styles:

  • Monitor actual participation versus contract goals based on dollars paid to the prime and payments reported and confirmed to subcontractors
  • Track up to 10 tiers of spend with vendors on capital construction and major services projects

  • Get detailed spend analysis of all diverse vendors, including Tailspend

  • Capture diverse and small business spend for key Tier 1 and 2 suppliers

  • Benefit from simple yet comprehensive outreach and events capabilities to widen your diverse vendor pool

  • Create alerts, engage contractors in the reporting process, capture commercially useful function (CUF) reviews, and generate real-time reporting and business intelligence

  • Guaranteed current and future compliance with 49 CFR Part 23 (ACDBE) and Part 26 (DBE) regulations

  • Generate the Uniform Report with the click of a button

B2Gnow has you covered on all this. And more!

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Contract Compliance Reporting & Tracking Made Simple

We’ve got a report that would make your reporting anxiety a thing of the past.

B2Gnow can easily exchange vendor, contract, and payment data with external systems. Save time and headache by eliminating data entry and spreadsheet use. Integration makes immediate action and real time tracking possible. B2Gnow offers a standard data integration methodology to facilitate this process.

Take advantage of B2Gnow’s extensive and flexible reporting options: 400+ standard reports available in multiple formats, powerful search and export capabilities, a powerful ad-hoc reporting tool, and PowerBI for creating dashboards. Custom reports are also available for unique reporting needs. B2Gnow’s collaborative architecture makes it possible to draw from data across regions and perform analysis and/or studies in conjunction with other organizations.