Trust Center


B2Gnow meets the most stringent security standards. Our commitment to protecting customer data extends across the B2Gnow system. No B2Gnow system data has ever been compromised and no data loss has ever been experienced.


As a SOC-2 certified organization, B2Gnow complies with the reporting requirements stipulated by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). We undergo an annual independent audit and have surpassed all requirements. A copy of the B2Gnow SOC 2 report can be made available to potential customers by contacting our Sales team.


Restricted Access to Customer Data

We enforce strict data access policies for all user data. Access requests by our support personnel follow a highly controlled and documented process.

Incident Response

B2Gnow has a robust incident response process in place to handle any customer data incidents. The security measures in place eliminate risk and include quarterly testing of the incident response plan. An established Security Incident Response Team is trained to respond to possible security incidents rapidly.


All system activity is logged to maintain a comprehensive audit trail of all actions taken in the system.

Authentication Methods

B2Gnow offers multi-factor authentication with multiple options available. Utilize an extra layer of security with a one-time access code via email or secure login through DUO, Authy, or Google Authenticator.


B2Gnow maintains near-perfect system availability with minimal downtime per year. Uptime over the past 12 months is 99.98%.


Information system infrastructure is hosted on Amazon Web Services, the world leader in cloud data hosting services. Inspection of AWS SOC-2 report is reviewed annually to ensure that environmental controls operate effectively.

Business Continuity

B2Gnow has implemented a comprehensive business continuity plan. It includes back up plans in case of extended service outages caused by factors beyond our control. Also included are preventative measures to enable swift recovery if a failure occurs.

Disaster Recovery

B2Gnow utilizes storage services for backup files that are fully encrypted at rest. Testing of data backups is completed on non-production systems at a minimum once a week.